Bienvenue au cœur de la Cerdagne française - Welcome in the heart of the French Cerdagne - Bienvenido al centro de la Cerdaña francesa


Main menu :

The main menu makes exploring the site easier. It contains all the links to the main sections of the site.

Breadcrumb :

A breadcrumb starting with: "You are here:" is placed after the main menu and also allows you to know the page you are in and quickly return to the top navigation level.

Search engine :

The internal search engine is in each page and can search for specific information without going through a "classic" navigation.

Site map :

The site map allows users to have a quick overview of the structure of the site and access to its content.

Top of the page logo:

The top of page logo SAILLAGOUSE allows to return to the home page of the site.

Text size:

Small fonts can make reading on the Internet difficult for some users. This site lets you to easily enlarge or reduce the size of the text thanks to the A + / A- buttons present in the upper right corner of each page. If your browser accepts cookies, the text size of the site is stored. Button A resets the default size.

If you have a mouse with wheel, most browsers can also enlarge or reduce the size of the text and images (zoom) by combining the wheel with a touch of the keyboard:

Windows : Ctrl + mouse wheel

Mac : Apple + mouse wheel

On most current browsers, the Ctrl + and Ctrl - key combinations make it possible to enlarge or reduce the size of the text.

The combination Ctrl 0 allows to find the size "normal" (that defined by the author of the site).

Some web browsers have an option to enlarge only the text (and not the images).

Function of the icons:

The iconexternal linkis used to identify any external link to the site opening a new window.

The iconcontextual linkis used to identify any internal contextual link to the site opening a new window

The iconinfo linkis used to identify any links that allow the display of a dialog containing additional information.

The iconemail linkis used to identify any external links that open the default e-mail software.

The icon help link is used to identify any link that allows the display of a dialog box containing help information.
Accessibility to the visually impaired

Accessibility to the visually impaired

A sound version exists for most pages of this site. Indeed an audio player, compatible with the vast majority of web browsers, is integrated on these pages for listening to their content (voice synthesis). It is possible to start, stop or pause playback at any time.

Moreover, most images carrying information can be clicked to be enlarged.

Adaptive display:

The display of the site is optimized regardless of the size of the screen, from the mobile phone to the large-format workstation and digital tablets.


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