Bienvenue au cœur de la Cerdagne française - Welcome in the heart of the French Cerdagne - Bienvenido al centro de la Cerdaña francesa

Each season provides many reasons to come and reside in the town:
- In winter, it is a quiet and comfortable accommodation place with quick and safe access to ski resorts.
- Spring is the best period to discover the faun and flora of our mountains and practice fishing in our rivers or in our lakes.
- Summer is the ideal season to practice hill walking and follow marked paths. An important variety of walks, hill walkings of natural or cultural discoveries are proposed.
- Autumn is the season of mushrooms and hunting.
All the year, SAILLAGOUSE offers a lot of activities frequently renewed and numerous local fetes gather people around grilled meat, paella, dances.
SAILLAGOUSE, a tourism centre, offers all the year an ideal climate - 300 days of sun per year - a central geographic position which provides easy access to cultural walk, hill walking and sport activities, an accommodation in a genuine town.

Northern facade of the town hall and statue representing a Catalan man

Photographic credits : Y. THIBAUT


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