Bienvenue au cœur de la Cerdagne française - Welcome in the heart of the French Cerdagne - Bienvenido al centro de la Cerdaña francesa

By car : by the road N 116 from Perpignan; by the pass or the tunnel of Puymorens and the roads N 20 and 116 from Toulouse ; by the tunnel of Cadi and the road N 116 from Barcelona by the roads D 118 and N 116 from Carcassonne.
Roads Information of Ariège : +33 5 61 02 75 75 - Roads Information of Pyrénées-Orientales : +33 4 68 38 12 05.

zone montagneSaillagouse is located in a mountain area. From November 1 to March 31, vehicles must either have metal snow chains or snow socks in their trunk allowing at least two-wheel drive to be fitted, or be equipped with four winter tyres. All vehicles with four wheels and more are concerned by this obligation: light vehicles, utility vehicles, motorhomes, coaches, buses and heavy goods vehicles.

By train : from Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Barcelona via La tour de Carol and the "Train Jaune de Cerdagne"; from Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice via Perpignan and Villefranche de Conflent by the "Train Jaune de Cerdagne". Between Perpignan and Villefranche de Conflent, the train fare is 1 € (per person). 
To get further information, contact the SNCF , phone number : +33 8 92 35 35 35.
The next departure times from Saillagouse, La-tour-de-Carol and Perpignan stations can be found here.
The next arrival times at Saillagouse, La-tour-de-Carol and Perpignan stations can be found here.

By plane : from the airports of Toulouse and Perpignan/Rivesaltes.

By bus : From Perpignan, the bus fare is 1 € (per person). Information for the travellers : +33 4 68 80 80 80.
The theoretical timetables for stops in Saillagouse can be found here.
Companies : Les Bus du Conseil Général; rue Pierre Pascal Fauvelle; 66027 Perpignan cedex, phone number : +33 4 68 55 68 00 and Les Transports Cerdans; 34 avenue des Guinguettes; 66760 Bourg Madame (France), phone number : +33 4 68 04 59 97.

The map of the stops of the different modes of transport on Saillagouse and its two hamlets is here

Photo of the

The "Train Jaune" (yellow train) in front of the station of Saillagouse

Photographic credits : Y. THIBAUT


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